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Focal Point Landscape Maintenance provide a range of garden care services like hedging, pruning, planting, mulching, fertilising, weed control, lawn mowing and more!

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Don't let your garden become overun by harmful plant diseases & garden pests! We can make sure your garden stays healthy by providing quality pest and weed spraying solutions on the Gold Coast.

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Whether you’re going away or simply don’t have the time, our friendly Focal Point Landscape Maintenance team can work with you to create and implement garden maintenance programs.

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Focal Point Landscape Maintenance can take care of all your turf-related needs. We'll do everything from laying your turf right through to installing irrigation and providing lawn mowing services throughout the Gold Coast.

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Don’t rely on the weather to hydrate your plants and turf. We can provide effective irrigation solutions to keep your gardens healthy—all year round!

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Mowing is probably one of these easiest gardening maintenance jobs on the Gold Coast to learn, but one of the most difficult to master. Keeping your turf healthy, while giving your grass a beautiful-looking finish, is an art form. Your mowing techniques, mowing frequency and the height that you’re cutting your grass will determine your overall finish.

If you want your lawn to be the focal point of your garden, read on for a complete guide on how to cut grass properly and give your Gold Coast backyard a professional finish.

Lawnmower Safety Tips

Mowing protection

Using any power tool that has a sharp motorised propeller moving at high speeds can spell danger—without the correct safety procedures and equipment. Whether it’s from flying debris or the lawnmower itself, save a trip to the hospital with these great tips:

  • Ensure you read any instruction manuals before you begin mowing
  • Check your lawn before mowing for any debris
  • Make sure you’re wearing appropriate protective equipment including long pants, protective glasses, earmuffs, and enclosed shoes, as well as a hat & sunscreen for the hot Gold Coast heat
  • Ensure any young family members (or furry family members) are well away from the running lawnmower & be sure to stop mowing when there are any passers by
  • Finally, always turn the mower off when it’s unattended or you’re refuelling

Cutting Grass At The Right Height

Grass mowed in lines & cut at the perfect height by Focal Point Landscape Maintenance, Gold Coast
Image of grass mowed in lines & cut at the perfect height by Focal Point Landscape Maintenance, Gold Coast

The key to keeping your turf healthy and looking fresh is cutting your grass at the right height. Each different variety of grass has an optimal mowing height, so in order to determine what yours is contact our team of Gold Coast gardeners and they’ll be happy to provide some expert advice. If you’re unsure what your optimal mowing height is, always ere on the side of caution and raise the level of your mower blade to ensure you don’t scalp your turf.

The key to cutting grass perfectly also depends on the conditions. During cooler winter periods on the Gold Coast, you can afford to put your mower blade down a couple of notches. During times of extreme heat, when your garden is under stress, mowing your grass higher will get the best results.

Top Tip—Never cut away more than 1/3 of the height of your grass blade at any one time! If your grass has gotten out of hand, don’t be tempted to mow it all at once. Stick to this 1/3 rule and you’ll notice your turf looking healthier in no time.

Mowing Frequency

Again, mowing frequency is all to do with the environmental conditions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise your lawn will need more regular mowing when your grass is thriving. During summer periods on the Gold Coast your grass will be growing the most, so you’ll need to brave the heat in order to keep your grass from getting out of hand.

Mowing Lines In Your Lawn

Want to give your lawn that beautiful MCG look? Instead of mowing in all different directions, give your garden the perfect aesthetic finish by mowing in lines. Keep mowing back and forth until your backyard is complete. Before you know it, your garden will be the envy of the entire neighbourhood.

See video below for extra tips on mowing more visible lines:

Edge & Snip For The Complete Finish

Turf maintenance doesn’t stop at the lawnmower. When it comes to making sure your lawn is looking beautiful all year round, the devil is in the detail. Be sure to finish of your garden maintenance routine with a quick snip and edge, which can all be done with a brushcutter!

If you’re in need of lawn mowing maintenance on the Gold Coast, get a quote from Focal Point Landscape Maintenance

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