A Guide To Weeding And Spraying

A weed is any plant that grows where it’s not wanted. They compete with other cultivated plants for nutrients. It is, therefore, important to identify them and remove them.

Before we get to that though, let’s have a closer look at…

Why Weeding Is Important

Weeding is not only great for the overall aesthetic of your garden, but it has a lot of positive impacts on the health of your plants. There’s only a certain amount of water and nutrients that soil can provide to your plants, and if your plants have to share with weeds, it may not be enough to keep help them thrive.

Also, if you let weeds grow too big, they can block other plants from receiving precious sunlight and their roots can spread and choke surrounding plants.

weeding and planting

How To Weed

When it comes to weeding your garden at home, you have 2 choices:

Let’s have a closer look at those two options.

Hand Weeding

Play Video

In this video above we see a US-based landscape gardner showing the basic tools and techniques for hand weeding. Take a watch, try his techniques in your own garden, and remember to be patient and enjoy your time in your garden. Weeding by hand can be a chore or it can be therapeatic. It’s just a matter of attitude. 


Play Video

The guy in this video does a great job of showing you what you need to know about spraying weeds. We’ll just emphasize a few points:

  • spray the foliage, they poison is absorbed through the foliage, not the roots
  • don’t spray when rain is coming, the foliage won’t have time to fully absorb the poison
  • don’t spray on a windy day, you won’t get the poison where you want it


Check The Weather Before You Spray

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Weed Identification

Let’s have a look at some of the most common weeds on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and around northern NSW. For further information we can recommend Brisbane City Council’s exellent weed identication tool.




Burr Grass

Image from Brisbane City Council Weed Identification website.

Mother In Laws Tongue

Image from Brisbane City Council Weed Identification website.

Tips For Keeping Your Backyard Weed-Free

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