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Beautiful Landscapes For Your Property

When you have a lot of land it presents unique challenges for maintaining it. That’s why you can’t trust your acreage landscape maintenance to any team. Our team at Focal Point Landscape Maintenance has extensive expertise in maintaining large properties. We keep the key staff and equipment required to consistently create and maintain beautiful landscapes. 

Our Acreage Landscape Projects

Rather than tell you a bunch of stuff about why we are the best acreage landscape maintenance company on the Gold Coast, we’ll just show. Below are some images from some of our recent projects. 

Services We Provide For Landscape Properties

Ready For A Great Garden?

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You want to choose a team that is reliable, experienced and capable. That’s what you get with Focal Point Landscape Maintenance. We’ve been working with clients across the Gold Coast for over a decade and have a reputation others envy. 

Focal Point are fully equipped to handle all jobs that large properties can throw at us. By investing in landscape gardening hardware we can service our customers quickly and efficiently, so that you get the most bang for you buck. We also work regularly with acreage properties, meaning we’re used to the challenges of working with large blocks of land.

As well as performing regular maintenance or garden clean-ups on your property we can also provide landscape construction services. Whether you need an irrigation system installed, a new lawn, a synthetic lawn, or extensive planting and mulching, we are there for you.