Astro Turf Installations

What is Astro Turf?

AstroTurf, otherwise known as synthetic turf or artificial turf, is a brand name. AstroTurf was one of the first companies to manufacture synthetic grass for sports fields. The term is now commonly used when talking about synthetic or artificial ground covering. While it is still most commonly used as an alternative to organic turf in a lot of sporting fields, residential and commercial applications are continuing to increase in popularity due to its low maintenance. 

artificial turf

Why choose Astro Turf (or synthetic turf)?


Improvements in technology mean that it can be difficult to visually differentiate AstroTurf and organic turf. Aesthetically, AstroTurf can look even better than traditional turf, as it will stay green all year round and there won’t be uneven colour or lengthy patches.

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Maintenance & Durability

Unlike traditional turf, synthetic has no need for any water or fertiliser to stay healthy. While it may not need any traditional garden maintenance (mowing, snipping, watering etc), you still need to care for it. If you keep on top of cleaning, removing stains and disinfecting your artificial turf, it will last up to 10 years.



High water rates on the Gold Coast can eat into your budget. Without the need for constant watering, fertilising and pest control, installing an high quality artificial lawn will save you money high water bills, as well as reduce the level of harmful chemicals used in your backyard.

Astro turn does not need watering


Installing Astroturf on the Gold Coast can be expensive. While some brands are cheaper than others, the general supply and installation costs are more than you would expect from traditional turf. However, the extra money you spend on installation, will be made back through lower maintenance costs. AstroTurf will save you money purchasing fertiliser, pesticides, garden tools and lawnmower fuel..

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Rear Turf V Astro or Synthetic Turf

At the end of the day, you’ve got two choices when it comes to picking between synthetic turn and organic turf—and there’s no right or wrong! It’s down to what suits you best. If you don’t have a green thumb and find the task of lawn mowing or watering arduous, then an artificial turf like AstroTurf could be right up your alley. If you have a green thumb and love the smell of fresh-cut grass in the morning, then be sure to install some real turf!

Regardless of your choice, the team at Focal Point Landscape Maintenance will be happy to provide AstroTurf installations, as well as traditional turf installations for your Gold Coast garden.

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