Bird friendly garden

What bird is that?

During COVID many people took advantage of their own back garden, discovering the joy of gardening and getting their hands dirty growing their own vegetables

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History of Christmas Plants

A History Of Christmas Plants What is  mistletoe  and why do we kiss under it? Ever wondered why we use  pine trees  for Christmas trees? Or why we decorate with  holly? We were curious too, so we did some research. Have a great

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mulching prevents weeds

Advantages of mulching Apart from making a garden bed look neat and finished, mulching provides a range of benefits. Mulch Helps Provide Moisture Control Living in south

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Gold Coast Gardens

Low allergy gardens

It’s the pollen in plants that cause allergies. Some blow in from far away but most of our allergies are triggered by plants in our

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astro turf

Astro Turf Installations

What is Astro Turf? AstroTurf, otherwise known as synthetic turf or artificial turf, is a brand name. AstroTurf was one of the first companies to

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