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Hedge Trimming Explained

Hedge Trimming Explained

Hedge Trimming Explained

hedge trimming results in crisp lines

Hedging or hedge trimming is the practice of pruning leaves on a hedge in order to keep it looking neat and healthy.

There are many benefits of hedge trimming including:

  • Promotes thicker & fuller growth
  • Less prone to debris damage during Gold Coast storms
  • Improves the overall look of your garden
  • Improves the health of your hedge
  • Prevents the spread of disease and insects
  • Promotes longer stems & flowering

Hedge trimming is an art. A neat and tidy-looking hedge can turn your average garden into something truly spectacular. However, creating this neat and tidy look can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. If you don’t know how to properly trim a hedge, you can risk causing more harm than good.


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How To Hedge Your Garden

Courtesy: Better Homes & Gardens

Hedge Trimming Tips

  • Regardless of which hedge-trimming tools you use to maintain your hedge, you want the blades to be sharpened and clean. Blunt blades will tear at the leaves instead of cutting and cause excessive damage.
  • Always remove any dead branches as this will decrease the chances of an insect infestation, as well as diseases spreading.
  • Cut the vertical sides first using an up-and-down motion, moving slowly. Use a similar side-to-side motion when cutting the top.
  • Never hedge trim the sides of your shrub on an angle, as this will reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the lower limbs.
  • Remove a maximum of 1/3 of the limbs. Removing too much foliage will damage your hedge.
  • Always wear protective equipment when operating hedge trimming equipment. If you’re not confident using the equipment, you should seek the help of your local Gold Coast gardener.


Buxus hedging
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Also known as the Box Hedge, it’s a smaller green hedge that’s easy to maintain, but slow-growing. Once established it will give your garden a neat, classic look.

Lilly Pilly

Lilly Pilly hedging
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Medium to small in size, the Lilly Pilly hedge is known for its contrasting cherry red, copper and bronze colours. It can be more prone to disease and pests than other species.


Image courtesy of Burkes Backyard

Similar to the box hedge except taller, the Murraya hedge is dark green in colour and provides an elegant, neat finish. Murraya plants lack foliage colour compared to other varieties.

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