Landcape Construction and Maintenance Burleigh

Our recently completed work on a commercial property in Burleigh showcased some of our landscaping prowess. This project combined general landscaping (eg clearing of gardens, prepping and planting of those gardens) and some landscape construction (eg creating a synthetic turf area). 

We captured the work in the video below. Thanks to the magic of video you can watch all our hard work in under 3 minutes.  

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Landscape Maintenance

In the first part of this video, you’ll see us clearing the garden beds against the fencline. We cleared it and prepared it for planting before getting out the auger to make new holes. 

Once they were ready we planting out the garden beds.

planted gardens

The garden then gets thoroughly mulched. 

mulching the garden

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Landscape Construction

While the planting and mulching was being done, we also started on the synthetic turf lawn. We built the frame for the lawn so that we could finish planting and mulching around it. 

constructing the lawn areas

Then we applied crusher dust and levelled it. 

crusher dust is levelled for the synthetic grass

The base for the synthetic grass needs to be perfect so considerable care is taking to get this step spot on. Once it was ready we then laid the grass. 

The last step is to spread sand over the grass and sweep it into the turf. This leaves you with a hard-wearing surface that has many of the qualities of natural grass (eg  it’s not a hard surface). 

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