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Seasonal Gardening Guide: Gold Coast

Seasonal Gardening Guide: Gold Coast

Seasonal Gardening Guide: Gold Coast

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What To Plant On The Gold Coast During Any Season

When is the best time of year to plant on the Gold Coast? Why aren’t my plants growing in winter? Should I fertilise in spring? These are just a few of the questions you and gardeners all over the Gold Coast are asking. The seasonal climatic conditions are always changing, which means we must adapt.

Fortunately for you, we’ve made gardening a simple science. Our easy-to-follow Gold Coast seasonal gardening guide tells you exactly what to plant and when to do it!

Seasonal gardening guide gold coast
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Check out our Gold Coast seasonal gardening guides:

Summer Gardening on the Gold Coast

summer gardens Gold Coast
Summer gardens

Summer is when your garden is at its most active—everything just grows! Any free time you have should be spent mowing, snipping, hedging, pruning and weeding. Be sure to keep on top of your garden maintenance to avoid things getting out of hand—especially if there’s been a bit of rain around.

Despite summer being the wet season on the Gold Coast, this doesn’t always guarantee rain! As the temperatures sore in the 30s, just a few days without any water and your garden will begin to suffer. Check the forecast at the beginning of the week and be sure you’re watering your garden whenever there’s no rain around. Remember to always water in the morning so your garden has a chance to dry.

Hot and wet conditions are a petri dish for harmful garden pests and diseases. You need to be proactive, inspect your garden and try catching any unwanted invaders in the early stages. Not sure what to look for? Call Edmund on 0431 887 544 or check out our Gold Coast garden pest guide and garden disease guide.

Summer equals storm season on the Gold Coast. To prevent any storm-related damage or flash flooding, be sure to clean out your gutters, drains and remove any possible projectiles from your backyard.

What to plant in summer on the Gold Coast
Summer plantings: Salvias
What to plant on the gold Coast
Summer planting: Radishes
Basil is an insect repelling plant
Summer planting : Basil
What to plant on the gold coast in summber
Summer plantings: Marigolds
Summer plantings Chilli

Summer gardening in a snapshot

Autumn Gardening on the Gold Coast

autumn gardens Gold Coast
Autumn gardens

Once the weather begins to cool, it’s time to start getting stuck into your garden. Whether you prefer cool-season vegetables, annual flowers, trees, shrubs or perennials, autumn is the perfect time of the year to get planting on the Gold Coast. Not only are cooler temperatures more pleasant for you as a gardener, the mild conditions will give your plants time to establish—before the slowed growth that comes with the winter period.

As the leaves begin to fall, this typically marks the end of flowering season for most plants. This is usually a good time to begin pruning if your want your shrubs, hedges, plants and trees to be more dense and compact come next year.

Tired of raking and bagging fallen leaves? Just leave them! Fallen leaves will break down before you know it. Any organic matter added to your garden will only increase the nutrient content and make your garden healthier. Just rake any leaves that are ruining your backyard aesthetically.

What to plant on the Gold Coast
Autumn plantings : Cyclamen
What to plant on the Gold Coast
Autumn Plantings: Oregano
Autumn Plantings: Broccoli
Gold Coast Gardens
Autumn Plantings: Beetroot
beautifully maintained gardens
Autumn Plantings: Alyssum

Autumn Gardening in a snapshot

Winter gardening on the Gold Coast

Winter gardens Gold Coast
Winter gardens

Winter is really a nothing period for your garden. All the hard work has been done and it’s time to just appreciate your garden for what it is (if the weather allows).

If you’re still keen to make improvements to your backyard, we suggest completing some of the more physically demanding jobs.

These include landscape construction work like:

  • Preparing new garden beds
  • Removing dead or unwanted trees
  • Adding pavers, retaining walls, fencing to your garden

If you need a helping hand with any of this work, give Focal Point Landscape Maintenance a call on 0431 887 544.

Winter is also a great time to step away from the garden, cosy up indoors and start planning your moves for next year. Draw up some designs and get a list going of the type of plants you want to starting including in your garden.

While you won’t notice much growth with the plants in your garden, cool-season weeds will still continue to develop. Be sure to brave the cooler weather and remove these form time to time.

Also, be sure to take a walk around your garden and prune any dead or dying branches and flowers.

Winter cauliflowers
Winter plantings: Cauliflowers
Winter spring onions
Winter plantings: Spring onions
Winter hippeastrums
Hippeastrums add colour to Gold Coast gardens
Winter plantings: Pansies
Winter cabbages
Winter plantings: Cabbages

Winter Gardening in a snapshot

Spring Gardening on the Gold Coast

Spring gardening on the Gold Coast
Spring gardens

Ahh spring… Finally Gold Coast gardeners can rejoice and take pride in the beauty of their creations.

Unfortunately, on the Gold Coast, spring is one of the driest times of the year—which can spoil spring flowering. This means if you want your garden to blossom and new growth to flourish, you will need to get the watering can out of the garden shed.

Along with constant watering, spring is a good time to fertilise your entire garden. All this new growth (stimulated by the warmer weather) will be fighting for nutrients, so it’s important that you give your plants what they want. Just remember to always water in your fertiliser!

If you want to prolong flowering, pruning of the dead or dying flowers is necessary.

As your garden continues to fill with life and summer starts to rear its head, it’s important that you start getting on top of your garden maintenance duties including lawn mowing, snipping, weeding and in particular pruning

Rocket plant
Spring plantings: Rocket
Spring Sunflower
Spring plantings: Sunflower
Spring plantings: Coriander
Spring Plantings: Cucumber
Insect repelling Nasturtium
Spring plantings: Nasturtium

Spring Gardening in a snapshot

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