Irrigation Systems

What Is Irrigation?

Every garden on the Gold Coast needs irrigation to stay healthy. If you’re having issues with keeping your turf green and your garden blossoming, it may be due to a lack of water. Installing irrigation will save you blood, sweat and tears getting your hose out and watering your garden every day.

Essentially irrigation is the artificial application of water to your garden. Irrigation systems are most commonly stored underground in the form of a sprinkler system or through a drip line.

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Irrigation Overview

Types Of Irrigation

Not sure what type of irrigation to use? When it comes to keeping your backyard healthy with irrigation, there are two varieties found in most Gold Coast backyards:

Drip Systemsdrip irro

Also known as low-flow irrigation, drip system irrigation slowly releases water into your garden ensuring your plants stay watered all day long. They’re most commonly used in garden beds, opposed to turfed areas, as it enables you to water each plant directly at their roots. Also, it allows you to make sure your plant gets exactly the amount of water it needs.

However, without the right materials, drip system irrigation can become a maintenance nightmare. You need to make sure your system has a filter with a high mesh number so that sediment doesn’t clog its emitters. Not sure what this means? Give our friendly team a call.


Sprinkler Systemsirrigation

Perfect for turfed areas, sprinkler systems spray larger volumes of water at once affecting a bigger surface area. While large volumes of water will be mostly wasted in your garden bed, your lawn will love it. Watering larger volumes at once will store more water in your soil, which is good for your turf.

Underground automated sprinkler systems can be installed so they rise and irrigate your garden at certain times of the day. This enables you to mow and snip without having to worry about sprinkler heads. Need help with your irrigation installations on the Gold Coast?


 5 Water-Saving Tips For Your Irrigation

Quality irrigation doesn’t have to burn a hole in your back pocket. Follow these tips to ensure your irrigation doesn’t cause your water bills to skyrocket:

  1. Not every part of your garden needs the same amount of water! Divide your garden into separate sections; parts that need a little water and parts that need a lot (i.e. turf vs shrubs). Have your irrigation set up so each part of your garden is receiving the perfect amount of water.
  2. You need to make sure your irrigation isn’t watering too much at once. This causes excess water runoff which your garden doesn’t get to absorb. Solutions include installing a drip irrigation system or setting your sprinkler irrigation system to water in shorter periods more often.
  3. It might sound simple, but if it doesn’t grow don’t water it! Too many irrigation systems get installed incorrectly resulting in water wastage. Make sure the water from your sprinkler is reaching your garden and not the roads or footpaths.
  4. Always adjust your irrigation settings seasonally. If there has just been a week’s worth of rain on the Gold Coast, there’s no reason for your irrigation to be functioning. You can also have a cheap shut-off device installed which will automatically detect when there’s rain and switch off your irrigation.
  5. Watering during cooler times of the day will stop water from evaporating before your soil gets a chance to absorb it. 5am to 10am is probably the best time of day, as watering at night can make your garden prone to pests and diseases.

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