Planting & Mulching

Add life to your home with a quality planting and mulching service on the Gold Coast. Choosing the right type of mulch and plant varieties can really complement your home’s design, adding significant value.

Whether you’ve got a design in mind or want help from our experienced horticulturalists, our gardeners will ensure your backyard is looking colourful and vibrant!

Look at the difference a good mulching can have to your garden.

before mulch Mulching and planting

Why should you mulch?

  • Mulching prevents weeds. Weeds compete with other plants for moisture and nutrients.
  • Mulching assists in keeping soil at a constant temperature, like humans, most plants don’t like extremes in temperature changes. 
  • Mulching adds extra organic matter to your soil. The better quality the soil, the better your garden will thrive.
  • Mulching makes the garden look good. 
  • Mulch helps your soil to hold water, this mean less watering. 

Enhance your garden with mulch

Do you plant before or after you mulch?

Well, you don’t need to do anything!  Our team of planting and mulching experts will do all the work for you. They will source the very best plants, trees and shrubs, then they will plant, fertilise and water them in. A knowledgeable gardener knows that mulch is applied after you have planted your large plants, shrubs and trees. You can plant annuals directly into mulch.

We can source tea tree mulch, bush mulch, shredded bark, wood chips, pine needle, gravel, river rock and more! We also source the perfect species of plant for specific soil type and the hot Gold Coast climate—as well as your style and budget. Ensuring also that the mulch used is appropriate for the plants chosen. 

Want to learn more about planting on the Gold Coast? 

Why choose Focal Point for all your mulching and planting?

  • Expert horticulturalists—we’ll pick the right plants for the temperature & soil
  • Competative Gold Coast planting and mulching rates
  • We can source a huge range of plant & mulch varieties
  • Fully personalised service
  • Free quotes
  • Attention to detail
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