Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Want green turf, blossoming shrubs and vibrant flowers with minimum fuss? Talk to our team about installing a top-quality irrigation system on your Gold Coast property.

We will ensure your garden gets the care it deserves, all year round, without you ever having to lift a hose!

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Servicing both residential and commercial projects, Focal Point Landscape Maintenance will install an irrigation system that’s perfect for your Gold Coast property. Whether you’re after slow release drip irrigation or quality sprinkler systems that reach all corners of your garden, we can help!

> Quick, Professional & Cheap Irrigation System Installations <<

Why Choose Us?

  • We install both drip systems & sprinkler systems throughout the Gold Coast
  • Only high-quality irrigation equipment is installed—which means less maintenance
  • No irrigation job is too big or small
  • We provide a complete service—measure, quote, supply, install & maintain
  • Our irrigation experts will be happy to talk you through how to operate your new irrigation
  • Free quotes

What Are The Benefits Of Irrigation?

  • Saves time watering your lawn, plants and trees
  • Less water is wasted as our automatic irrigation is set up to only use water when it’s needed
  • More sustained growth in your garden
  • Greener lawns & more vibrant plants
  • Less weeds as only your plants are receiving water & not the rest of your garden

Our Gold Coast irrigation experts will install automatic sprinkler systems that are programmed perfectly. They give your garden the right amount of water and ensure there isn’t any water wasted.

Our drip irrigation and sprinkler systems are installed underground, so you won’t have any annoying sprinkler heads poking out of your garden.

Have you got a leak in your current irrigation system? We will come to your property, identify the source of your issue and provide a quick and easy irrigation repair. Leaking irrigation will not only damage your garden, but could hurt your hip pocket.

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