Turf Aeration

What Is Turf Aeration?

Also known as core aeration or soil cultivation, turf aeration is the process of removing small holes of turf from your lawn, so more oxygen can be absorbed into the root system. These small holes of turf are removed using a specially designed lawn coring machine.

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Why Is Turf Aeration Necessary?

All turf on the Gold Coast needs sunlight, fertiliser and water to stay healthy. Over time, your lawn can become compacted by a build-up of organic matter and become hard to penetrate. This organic build-up is called thatch. A thick layer of thatch is bad because its stops air and water from infiltrating your turf’s root system, starving the soil beneath your lawn of valuable nutrients.

How To Know When Your Lawn Needs Aerating

Not all turf requires aeration! Your turf only needs the help of a lawn coring machine if it:

  • Receives a high level of traffic. It could be from the kids playing in the backyard or a car parked on your front lawn, soil compaction is a major contributor to thatch.
  • Your turf was installed on a past construction site. This could be an indication that the soil deep beneath your turf was previously compacted by construction traffic.
  • If it dries out continually and has a spongy feel.

Tip: You can determine if you have a problem with thick thatch quite easily. Simply, take a shovel and use it to remove a small slice of turf. If the layer of thatch is more than 2cm thick, then aeration is recommended!

When Is The Best Time To Have Your Turf Aerated On The Gold Coast?

Essentially, turf aeration is best when your lawn is most thriving. On the Gold Coast, the most active growing season for your backyard is summer and spring. This would be the perfect time to have the Focal Point Landscape Maintenance team provide a turf aeration service.

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What Are The Benefits Of Aerating Your Lawn?

turf aeration

If your turf has a thick layer of thatch, as well as tightly packed soil beneath, then you’re the perfect candidate for turf aeration. Turf aeration has a range of benefits including:

  • Clearing of thatch build-up
  • Enabling your lawn to breathe & receive more oxygen
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Increasing the ability for your soil to retain water
  • Less water wasted through runoff & less puddling
  • Increasing your soil’s ability to take in nutrients from fertiliser
  • Strengthening turf root systems
  • Improving drought resistance
  • Improving overall health

When Can You Expect To See Any Results?

Assuming you’re caring for your garden adequately and the Gold Coast weather helps you out a little bit, you can expect to see healthier turf in anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. The more you care for your garden, the quicker you will see results.

What Happens To The Small Holes From The Lawn Coring Machine?

What happens to the small holes is up to you! You’ve got two choices:

  1. If you don’t like the look of having holes in your backyard, you can fill them with sand. This will still allow water and oxygen to pass through easily.
  2. Leave the holes open for even greater benefits. This is will give water and oxygen free access to your turf’s root system without any blockages. Plus the roots will quickly spread and cover these holes anyway.

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