Lawn & Garden Fertilising

Nothing indicates a healthy backyard more than fresh green grass and bright flowering plants. Focal Point Landscape Maintenance provides quality garden and lawn fertilising services  for fraction of what you would expect to pay.

Fertilisation rates for gardens and lawns vary greatly depending on weather, soil type and nutrient levels. We can take all the guess work out of the equation when you let us recommend and implement a fertilising program that will suit your lawn and garden. 

Our fertiliser treatment rates are second to none! 

Here is a little glance at some of our recent garden maintenance projects:

Why Choose Us For Your Garden and Lawn Fertilising?

Prompt, hassle-free & affordable fertiliser treatments

Never worry about your lawn care or garden fertilising again when you contract Focal Point Landscape Maintenance.

Expert horticultural knowledge

With 30 years of expertise in all aspects of garden maintenance, we can balance all aspects of garden care with your fertilising regime.

Experienced with all types of fertilisers

From slow-release fertiliser to soluble, we have experience in all fertiliser types.

We provide tips for ongoing maintenance

Experienced in all aspects of garden care, we'll help you with garden care tips to maximise your garden's health and vibrancy.

Unfortunately, soil doesn’t always have the right amount of nutrients to feed to your garden sufficiently. That’s where we step in. We’ll analyse your soil and establish when, what and how much fertiliser is necessary to get the best results.

Without the right knowledge and equipment, fertilising can be a little hit and miss. Don’t get your measurements right and you won’t see any results. Use too much—or the wrong type—of fertiliser and and you risk harming your garden. Don’t take any chances and let our fertilising experts take care of your residential or commercial property.

With just a couple of fast, hassle-free and affordable  fertilising sessions, our gardeners can have your garden looking healthier and more vibrant and ever.

Why Is Garden And Lawn Fertilising Important?


We’ll come to your home at a time that best suits you and provide a quote for affordable and professional garden services including fertilising of all types of gardens and lawns. 

We also provide general garden maintenance and yard cleanups.

From fertilising new lawns to get them started through to fertilising established lawns and gardens the team at Focal Point Landscape Maintenance can keep your garden looking lush and green. 

We have the right tools and manpower to service all types of gardens—big and small.

Use the form on this page or click the button below to call us now. 

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