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Plant Disease & Pest Control

Want to rid your property of harmful garden pests and plant diseases? Focal Point Landscape Maintenance are the plant disease and pest control experts Gold Coast

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Weed Control Services

Do you hate weeds? Well, you’re not alone! Weeds can seemingly appear just as quickly as you get rid of them. If you’re sick of

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Lawn & Garden Fertilising

Nothing indicates a healthy backyard more than fresh green grass and bright flowering plants. Focal Point Landscape Maintenance provides quality garden and lawn fertilising services

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yard clean ups

Yard Clean-Ups

Whether your garden is getting a little out of hand, or has completely turned into a jungle, the team at Focal Point Landscape Maintenance have

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Pruning Services Gold Coast

Pruning Services

When it comes to pruning services on the Gold Coast, nobody provides a better quality service at a more affordable price than Focal Point Landscape

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Plant Diseases

What Are Plant Diseases? Is your Gold Coast garden suffering from plant disease? Nothing is worse than spending endless amounts of money, time and effort

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Weeding & Spraying

Weeds Explained Essentially, a weed is any plant that pops up where it’s not wanted and competes with other cultivated plants for nutrients. Need help spraying

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hedge sheers for hedge trimming

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming Explained Hedging or hedge trimming is the practice of pruning leaves on a hedge in order to keep it looking neat and healthy.

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pruning sheers


What Is Pruning? Pruning is the practice of removing branches, buds and roots from your plants and trees, which is essential if you wish to

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