Garden Irrigation Systems

Focal Point Landscape Maintenance offer irrigation services to the home and commercial sectors. Our service is backed by our decades of experience in this sector and the many happy clients we see every week.

We specialise in installing irrigation systems that deliver on efficiency, reliability and ease of use.

First, Some Irrigation Basics:

What is irrigation?

Gold Coast irrigation Installations
Irrigation is the process of supplying water to your garden. Whether by drip-lines, sprinklers or misting systems.Essentially irrigation is the artificial application of water to your garden. Irrigation systems are most commonly stored underground in the form of a sprinkler system or through a drip line.

Why irrigation?

Irrigation installation complete

In our climate, good irrigation can make or break a garden.  Gardens on the Gold Coast and Brisbane suffer immense heat during the summer. Conversely, dry winters mean that supplying water to the garden is often more important during these months. 

If you’re having issues with keeping your turf green and your garden blossoming, it may be due to a lack of water.

Reasons for installing irrigation: 

Irrigation provides convenience

No more dragging out the hose at days end. With properly installed irrigation, your garden is watered with minimal effort.

Irrigation provides certainty

Irrigation can be set with timers and sensors to make sure that your garden is properly watered whether you're there or not.

Irrigation provides economy

Providing the correct application of water where it is needed is an efficient way to water your garden. For instance, drip systems are a very efficient way to deliver water directly where the plant needs it.

Irrigation improves vibrancy

With irrigation you deliver water when and how it is needed. This increases the growth in your garden and leads to green vibrant lawns.

Before After Photo Of A Recent Irrigation Installation

This garden illustrates the installation of an irrigation system very neatly. You can see (in the before) that we are getting ready to install the irrigation into an empty garden bed. The after photo shows you the garden with irrigation system installed. 

Gold Coast irrigation Installations irrigation system taking place

About Focal Point Landscape Maintenance' Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Design

Our experienced team will design an irrigation system that maximizes efficiency while working withing your budget. We’ll incorporate types and elements of irrigation that suit your requirements.

Different gardens require different kinds of irrigation. Getting coverage to turfed areas varies from gardens. Gardens can contain flowering species that need regular watering, or drought hardy species that require hardly any. Our irrigation designs work with your garden to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Irrigation Installation

We have the knowledge and experience to install the irrigation systems on time and on budget.

Our experience means we’re aware of how our installation needs to flow and what might prevent it.

Our knowledge of modern systems, such as smart controllers means we can incorporate these into the installation and make them work as efficiently as they’re supposed to. 

Where required we’ll install pumps and tanks as part of your irrigation system.

drip irrigation

Drip System Irrigation

Also known as low-flow irrigation, drip system irrigation slowly releases water into your garden ensuring your plants stay watered all day long. They’re most commonly used in garden beds, opposed to turfed areas, as it enables you to water each plant directly at their roots. Also, it allows you to make sure your plant gets exactly the amount of water it needs.

However, without the right materials, drip system irrigation can become a maintenance nightmare. You need to make sure your system has a filter with a high mesh number so that sediment doesn’t clog its emitters.

sprinkler system for irrigation of large areas like lawns

Sprinkler System Irrigation

Perfect for turfed areas, sprinkler systems spray larger volumes of water at once affecting a bigger surface area. While large volumes of water will be mostly wasted in your garden bed, your lawn will love it. Watering larger volumes at once will store more water in your soil, which is good for your turf.

Underground automated sprinkler systems can be installed so they rise and irrigate your garden at certain times of the day. This enables you to mow and snip without having to worry about sprinkler heads.

Why Choose Us For Your Irrigation System Installation

Focal Point Landscape Maintenance understands all aspects of garden care. Understanding drainage, mulching, fertilising, and the needs of all plants is part of what elevates our irrigation systems.