Plant Disease & Pest Control

Want to rid your property of harmful garden pests and plant diseases?

Focal Point Landscape Maintenance are the plant disease and pest control experts Gold Coast locals count on. We will assess, identify and treat any bugs and diseases that are hurting your backyard.

Our plant disease and pest control service can treat any problems relating to aphids, whitefly, mites, scale, caterpillars, lawn grub, mealy bug, powdery mildew, damping off, sooty mold, root rot & more!

Why is plant disease and pest control important?

  • Treated early enough it will help affected plants & turf recover
  • Replacing dead plants & turf can be expensive
  • Treatment will stop any existing problems from spreading
  • Will lift your garden’s growth & make it more vibrant

Left untreated, harmful bugs, insects, bacteria and fungi can feast on your plants and turf, causing stunted growth, yellowing and in extreme cases death. Stop the problem before it’s too late! Focal Point Landscape Maintenance will treat any problems before they get out of hand.

Too the untrained eye, garden pests and plant diseases can be almost impossible to detect. Our Gold Coast garden pest control professionals are experienced and trained in identifying the early warning signs. Our horticultural knowledge is unparalleled.

Any evidence of these in your backyard?

If you see any evidence of damaging bugs and insects or plant disease call us ASAP. We can identify the problem and treat it immediately. Our team will scour every corner of your property to ensure no spots are missed.

Why choose Focal Point for your plant disease & pest control services?

  • Free Quotes
  • Quality equipment & products for long-lasting results
  • Skilled horticulturalists with experience in plant disease & garden pest identification
  • Affordable rates & comprehensive service

Focal Point Landscape Maintenance use only top-quality chemicals and poisons to ensure all problem areas are treated with a long-lasting solution. .

Don’t take any chances with your garden. Call the Gold Coast pest control and plant disease experts today on 0408 314 314 or fill out the form below!