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Turf Installation

Need help with a turf installation in Gold Coast, Brisbane or surrounds?

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your backyard, we will lay low-cost lawn so good that it will put a smile on your face. Our turfing experts are all about quality. We take the time to properly prep the soil and lay your turf evenly to get the best results.

At Focal Point Landscape Maintenance, we offer a complete turf installation service. We’ll supply, prepare and install first-grade turf that’ll add value to your home.

We’ll also water it in and fertilise to ensure it successfully establishes, before providing lawn maintenance services at a later date.

Affordable, high-quality turf installed by experienced professionals

before of lush lawn in difficult location lush lawn in difficult location

In the video below we transform this old garden, first removing the old structure and then laying new turf.

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Why Choose Us For Your Turf Installation

The Secret To Turf Instalation Is In The Preparation

The key to getting great results with a turf installation is preparation. It’s important to get the soil base right before you install turf over it. This will ensure it stays flat, smooth and healthy for years to come. The turf will take better to its new location and be more tolerant to disease and water shortage/indundation in the future. We know that we’re often competing for turf installations against companies that don’t put the same focus on preparing the soil as we do. But we take pleasure in doing things properly, so we’ll always focus on the soil prep before we lay turf. And you’ll always get a high-quality, durable lawn.

The video below gives you a bit of insight into how Focal Point Landscape Maintenance prepare the soil prior to laying turf.  

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We Use High Quality Turf

We source only high-quality turf so you can have peace of mind knowing your lawn will not only look nice, but last.

We have a range of turf varieties to choose from including:

Have a different variety in mind? Our turf suppliers are sure to stock the perfect turf for your needs.


It may be time for returfing. 

Returfing can have many advantages to treating an existing lawn. It will ensure you get a lovely lawn, return quick results, and ensure lower maintenance down the tracks. 

The key to successful returfing is in preparation. We’ll spray for weeds if needed, remediate soil compaction, and make sure your lawn area is ready for a successful introduction of new turf. 

Then our expert professionals lay your turf. We advise on maintenance or schedule maintenance with you. To ensure you new turf takes it is essential to water your new turf. How much and how often will depend on factors such as which season it is. 

About 3-4 weeks later your lawn is ready for it’s first mow. Using a high setting, the tips are carefully nipped off. You’re now well on your way to a beautiful new lawn.


Focal Point Landscape Maintenance provides low-cost turf solutions throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan, and Ipswich.  We’ll advise you on your new lawn (eg best grass) and give you a no obligation quote. Feel free to ask our expert any questions while he’s there. 

If you accept our quote we schedule an installation. We’ll prepare your soil and lay a new lawn that will completely transform your backyard.