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Post: The Kalbar Sunflower Festival 2024

kalbar sunflower festival 2024

Looking forward to a weekend filled with bright blooms and heartfelt tributes? The Kalbar Sunflower Festival 2024, sprouting in the scenic town of Kalbar, Queensland, offers just that. Beyond a stunning sunflower field, this much-anticipated event, dedicated to cancer research and the loving memory of ‘Sunflower Man’ Russell Jenner, beckons with entertainment, pet-friendly spaces, and free car parking, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all.

Set from 19 April to 21 April 2024, the festival promises a blend of beauty and community spirit. With every adult ticket contributing to cancer research, attendees not only feast their eyes on the vibrant expanses but also support a noble cause. Prepare for a weekend where the joy of sunflowers meets entertainment and charity, all within the warm embrace of Queensland.

Highlights of the Festival

Ready to dive into the heart of the Kalbar Sunflower Festival 2024? Here’s what makes this event a must-visit on your calendar:

Activities and Unique Experiences

Interactive Workshops

Whether you’re looking to unwind with sunrise yoga among the blooms or get creative in art classes, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss the flower crown workshops or the chance to capture memories in mini photo sessions.

Special Events

From the Opening Day Sunflower Lunch to the Sunflowers on Sunset Evening, each event is crafted to offer a unique festival experience. The Sunday Jazz in Sunflowers Luncheon is perfect for music lovers seeking a relaxing end to their weekend.

Adventure & Exploration

For thrill-seekers, helicopter rides provide a bird’s-eye view of over one million sunflowers. Alternatively, navigate the four-acre sunflower maze or enjoy a leisurely buggy ride through the fields, ensuring accessibility for all.

Culinary Delights and Market Stalls

Gourmet Offerings

Indulge in a range of dining experiences from Devonshire tea amidst the flowers to sunflower-themed long lunches and a special dinner event. Each bite supports a great cause, with $1.50 from every sunflower sold going towards cancer research.

Market Stalls

Browse through sunflower-themed market stalls offering everything from local crafts to bespoke jewellery. Don’t forget to enter the draw for a chance to win a lab diamond ring worth $4000!

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Committment to Inclusivity

The festival is committed to inclusivity with over 180m of wheelchair track, a quiet tent for those with sensory needs, and specially designed gardens like the sensory and fairy garden. These thoughtful additions ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the festival without hindrance.

Companion Cards

Holders can enjoy free entry with a paying visitor.

Disability Support

Designated parking areas, accessible buggies, and special viewing zones ensure everyone can enjoy the festival comfortably.

Each of these highlights not only promises fun and excitement but also fosters a sense of community and support for vital cancer research. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the Kalbar Sunflower Festival 2024 is the perfect place to create lasting memories while contributing to a noble cause.

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The Culinary Experience

Ready to tantalize your taste buds at the Kalbar Sunflower Festival 2024? The festival’s culinary offerings are a true feast for the senses, showcasing a delightful array of local produce from the Scenic Rim. Imagine yourself sitting at a long table amidst the vibrant sunflower fields, enjoying a culinary journey curated by none other than Australian Chef of the Year, Richard Ousby. His dishes, crafted exclusively with local ingredients, promise an unforgettable dining experience.

For those who appreciate a good brew or a sip of fine wine, the festival doesn’t disappoint. With a variety of cold drinks, sodas, and a bar stocked with local spirits, every beverage tells a story of community and craft. Remember, while you’re free to bring your own food, the array of food stalls offering everything from gluten-free to vegetarian options ensures there’s something for everyone. 

Don't miss the Devonshire tea!
A festival favourite, supporting the Mater Foundation with every cup served.

Enhance your festival experience by indulging in special events like the Sunflowers on Sunset Evening, which includes canapés and a three-course dinner amidst the flowers. This event is not just about good food and company; it also supports local initiatives, with proceeds going back into the community. And for a seamless experience, VIP parking close to the marque is included with your ticket. Just a heads up, these tickets sell out fast, so be sure to grab yours early!

Special Events and Workshops

Ready to elevate your festival experience with exclusive workshops and special events at the Kalbar Sunflower Festival 2024? Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:


Yoga and Sound Healing:

Unwind for 1.5 hours at just $44, embracing tranquillity among the sunflowers.

Art Classes:

Tap into your creative side with sessions priced between $55 and $66.

Flower Crown Workshops:

Create your bespoke floral accessory for $38.50 to $55.

Mini Photoshoots:

Capture your festival moments in a 10-minute session, including 5 digital images, for $99.

Premier Special Events

Opening Day Sunflower Lunch:

Kick off the festival with a three-course lunch, live music, and a photo op for $150.

Mater Foundation Fundraiser Luncheon:

Indulge in a sumptuous meal and fashion parade for $160, supporting cancer research.

Sunflowers on Sunset Evening:

Savor canapés and a three-course dinner under the stars for $175.

Sunday Jazz in Sunflowers Luncheon:

Wrap up your weekend with jazz tunes and a delightful lunch for $150.

Community and Charitable Impact

At the heart of the Kalbar Sunflower Festival lies a deep commitment to community and charitable causes, truly making it an event with a soul. The festival not only celebrates the beauty of sunflowers but also harnesses its popularity to support vital cancer research and care initiatives. A significant portion of the proceeds from ticket sales and sunflower-inspired merchandise goes directly to the Mater Foundation Cancer Care Centre. This contribution aids in providing essential services and research funding that helps countless individuals battling cancer.

The festival’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy the festivities. Special walkways, a sensory garden, and a fairy garden are thoughtfully designed to accommodate visitors with special needs, making the Kalbar Sunflower Festival a model for accessible event planning. Moreover, the festival actively promotes sustainable farming practices and environmental awareness, educating attendees on the importance of ecological preservation and the benefits of local farming.

By engaging with local community groups and fostering collaborations, the festival strengthens community ties and boosts the local economy. It not only brings joy and entertainment to its visitors but also instills a sense of pride and ownership among the local residents. The festival’s impact extends beyond the immediate joy of the event, contributing to a sustainable future for the community and the environment, making each sunflower bloom a beacon of hope and joy.