Post: Three Tips For Better Pruning

Three Tips For Better Pruning

hedge sheers for hedge trimming

What Is Pruning?

Before we get into our tips for tips pruning, let’s have a look at what pruning is and why you want to do it. 

Pruning is the practice of removing branches, buds and roots from your plants and trees, which is essential if you wish to keep your garden well maintained.  The targeted removal of any dead or overgrown branches from trees, shrubs or bushes will help encourage growth, as well as have a range of other positive benefits.

The benefits of pruning include:

  • Reducing the risk of injury through fallen branches
  • Controlling and directing growth
  • Healthier looking plants and trees
  • Encouraging dense growth and healthier flowers
  • Restricts growth where it’s undesirable
  • Discourages insects and pests
  • Increased air and sunlight, resulting in less disease problems
  • Reducing weakened branches means less debris during Gold Coast storms


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Pruning Tip One: How To Prune Smaller Plants

Pruning Tips For Smaller Branches

  • Make sure your pruning equipment is sharpened so all cuts are clean and smooth
  • Cut branches on a 45 degree angle a few centimetres back from the closest bud. Cutting too close interferes with bud growth, cutting too far away causes die back and cutting too slanted exposes plant to damage

Pruning Tip Two: How To Prune Larger Tree Branches

Pruning Tips For Larger Branches

  • Make sure your pruning equipment is sharpened so all cuts are clean and smooth
  • Larger branches will require a 3-part cut
  • Always watch out for overhanging power lines before pruning
  • If branches require a chainsaw, you should seek help from your local gardening professional unless you have a chainsaw license

Pruning Tip 3: Pruning Equipment

pruning sheers

Hand Pruners

Also known as secateurs, they’re small, versatile and perfect for pruning smaller plant varieties.

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Longer handles for increased leverage, they’re great for larger stubborn branches.

hedge sheer

Hedge Shears

Long handles and a long blade, hedge shears are ideal for hedging and pruning shrubs.

Pruning saw

Pruning Saw

Handheld curved saw that helps remove any stubborn branches that can’t be removed by loppers or hand shears.

Pole saw

Pole Saw

Essentially it’s the same as a pruning saw with a long pole tailor made for those hard-to-reach branches.

yard clean ups


Heavy-duty mechanical saw used to cut large tree branches.

Need help? See our pruning services page. 

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