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5 Things To Consider Before Planting A Hedge On The Gold Coast

5 Things To Consider Before Planting A Hedge On The Gold Coast

5 Things To Consider Before Planting A Hedge On The Gold Coast

Murraya makes aood hedge

Haven’t got a clue when it comes to hedges? Planting a hedge on the Gold Coast requires proper preparation and planning if you want the best results.

A well-planted hedge will give your garden much-needed structure and texture. Whether you want a flowering hedge to beautify your garden or a formal hedge as a fence line, there are a few things you need to consider before getting your hands dirty…

1. Avoiding Neighbourhood Disputes

angry hedge

Nobody wins when it comes to neighbourly tiffs. From boundary disputes right through to blocking out your neighbour’s view, hedges can create unexpected dramas down the track.

Here’s a couple of tips to avoid becoming the neighbour from hell when planting a hedge:

  • Always talk to your neighbour if you feel like your hedge might intrude on their property or view.
  • It’s important to try and stop any disputes before they start.
    Know your boundaries and stick to them. Allow yourself a little extra room if your hedges really take.

2. Follow Gold Coast City Council Regulations

hedge is a fence

According to Gold Coast City Council regulations a fence is a structure, ditch or embankment, or a hedge or similar vegetative barrier, enclosing or bounding land.

Put simply, if you’re planting a hedge around your property’s boundaries it must adhere to the same council legislation as if you were installing a fence. Which means you can’t grow your hedge any higher than 2 metres above natural ground level without a permit.

3. Dial Before You Dig

man digging a hole for planting a fruit tree in the garden.
When it comes to digging larger holes, you should always take a safety first approach. Call 1100 and get the all clear before you get the shovel or excavator out.

4. Picking The Perfect Spot To Plant Your Hedge

A great looking hedge maintained by Focal Point Landscape Maintenance

Just like any other plant, your hedge needs the sun to thrive. If you intend to plant your hedge near a house, fence or large object, you need to take into account how much sunlight it’s going to receive. Spend one day establishing when and where the shadows come across your garden. Hedges that don’t get enough sunlight will look frailer and take much longer to fill out.

If in doubt, give Focal Point Landscape Maintenance a call. We know what suits the local environment, what has worked well for us in the past, and what will suit your conditions.

5. Get The Right Hedge For Your Needs

Tweed Heads Hedge trimming

Before deciding what type of hedge you will be planting, you need to know what you want. Do you want a formal hedge for a touch of class? A flowery hedge to match your colourful garden beds? Or a fuller hedge with plenty of foliage to fill your backyard? It’s all up to you! Give our friendly gardening team a call today if you’re stumped and need a little expert advice.

Find out the most popular species of hedge on the Gold Coast.

Here’s a couple of things to consider before handing your money over:

  • More formal hedges will require weekly upkeep
  • If you’re going for a less-formal flowery look, pick a hedge with flowers that match the rest of your garden
  • Formal hedges and a flowery look don’t go hand in hand—you’ll need to let them grow out in order to flower
  • If you’re going for a fuller look, hedges with smaller leaves will look less bare and gappy

Once your hedge begins to blossom, here’s a few hedge trimming tips to keep on top of the maintenance.

If you need help choosing, planting or maintaining your hedges on the Gold Coast, Focal Point Landscape Maintenance will be happy to help! Give us a call or request a quote online.

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