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Winter Garden Maintenance Guide: Gold Coast

Winter Garden Maintenance Guide: Gold Coast

Winter Garden Maintenance Guide: Gold Coast

Less rain, frostier lawns and slowed plant growth. These are all signs another Gold Coast winter is just around the corner. This slowed growth period isn’t an excuse to stop your garden maintenance duties. In fact, it’s when you should be most active in your garden.

So, how are you going to get the most out of your garden this winter? We’re here to help! Check out our winter garden maintenance guide for a month-by-month look at what jobs need doing in your backyard.

First thing’s first, you should take some time to maintain your gardening tools.

Winter Garden Tool Maintenance

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Now your tools are ready, it’s time to start ticking some boxes when it comes to your winter garden care.

Garden Maintenance Checklist For June

  • As the last autumn leaves drop, it’s time to get your gloves (and jumper) on to do a complete hand weed of your garden. Follow this up by adding a  layer of mulch to stop weeds from germinating. With a bit of luck it will be a weedless winter for your Gold Coast garden.
  • April is also a good time to rid your backyard of any lawn weeds. Just purchase a selective weed killer and be careful not to damage your turf.
  • Prune all your deciduous trees and shrubs. Be sure to remove any dead, sick, crossing or borer-affected branches.
  • Deadhead your annuals to promote new growth and improve the overall look of your garden.
  • Have you noticed your paths and fences developing a layer of algae? This is common in winter and can be treated with a mixture that is 1 part vinegar and 6 parts water.

Garden Maintenance Checklist For July

  • Got any roses in your garden? The middle of winter is the perfect time for some pruning. Just remember to prune vigorous plants lightly and weakly growing plants hard. Always water bushes if your plant has any bleeding wounds and spray with lime sulphur to avoid any plant diseases.  
  • If you’ve decided to get in the garden and plant some seedlings ready for spring, your biggest threat is slugs and snails. You can protect your seedlings using organic-certified baits—just make sure you choose varieties that don’t harm pets or children.
  • Come July you should raise your mower blades a lot higher. This will naturally help prevent bindiis and winter grass, as well as avoiding any grass scalping—which may not grow back for months in winter. Check out more tips for getting the best results when mowing the lawn.

August Maintenance Checklist For July

  • During late spring and summer, conditions on the Gold Coast become more extreme. Whether it’s torrential rain or extreme heat, sticks and leaves in your gutter can leave your home exposed to bushfires and flash flooding. It’s time to get your ladder out, get your hands dirty and clear your gutters, downpipes and firebreaks (if you have them). Also, check hoses and sprinklers to make sure they’re in working condition. 
  • Statistically, late August on the Gold Coast has a lower average rainfall than any other time of the year. This can pose a danger to all the plants, trees and shrubs in your garden. If there has been extended periods without rain, get the hose out and get watering. Always water early in the day to prevent plant disease, as this gives your plants a chance to dry.
  • Got any frangipanis? Be sure to remove any fallen leaves from your garden to help prevent frangipani rust disease. Also, if your garden is home to any hibiscus or camelias always prune in August. This gives new growth a chance to strengthen before harmful pests hatch and start feeding.


Save yourself some time and print out our june, july and august checklists to keep on top of your garden maintenance chores this Gold Coast winter.

What about summer, autumn and spring? We’ve got a guide for that too! Check out our seasonal gardening guide for gardening advice you can use all year round.

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