Post: 10 Money-Saving Gardening Hacks

10 Money-Saving Gardening Hacks


1. Nappies instead of Planting Gel

Who knew recycling diapers could be so fun?

2. Plastic Bottle Gardening Hacks

Forget about your yellow bin. Make use of your plastic bottles by recycling them in your garden! From creating seedling guards right through to creating a water reservoir, watch the team at HuwsNursery explain 7 different uses recycled plastic bottles can have in your garden.

3. Move Heavy gardening tools & Objects using a towel

No wheelbarrow? No worries! Simply grab a towel and drag your heavy gardening items with ease.

Video courtesy of Shawna Coronado

4. Cinnamon On Your Seedlings

Stop the spread of the plant disease ‘damping off’ with this easy trick. Simply sprinkle a little cinnamon over your seedlings, which will kill off any fungi and help your seedlings thrive.

Cinnamon - use to prevent plant disease in seedlings
Idea & image courtesy of The Rusted Vegetable Garden

5. Create A Homemade Watering Can

Using a needle, simply poke a few holes into an old milk bottle and you’ve got yourself an easy-to-carry homemade watering can.

Homemade Watering Can / Bottle
Idea & image courtesy of A Journey To A Dream

6. Use Coffee Grounds As An Organic Fertiliser

It’s no secret that your soil loves organic matter. Fortunately for Gold Coast coffee-lovers you have your own mini compost in the kitchen—your coffee machine! Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which helps your plant convert sunlight into energy. Coffee grounds can also be used as an organic mulch.

Coffee grounds, an organic fertiliser

7. Create A Herb Garden Using An Old Hanging Shoe Rack

Sick of your pets digging up your garden? Make sure your herb garden is out of reach by repurposing an old shoe rack. This is will also give you more room in the garden for other plants.

A Hanging Shoe Rack recycled as a Vertical Herb Garden
Idea & image courtesy of Instructables

8. Make a Trellis Using Zip Ties

If you want to give young vining plants a place to grow and thrive, all you need is a couple of zip ties and a can-do attitude. While it’s not a permanent solution, it’s certainly cheaper than a traditional trellis and effective in the short term.

Homemade Trellis using Zip Ties
Idea & image courtesy of Apartment Farm

9. Sharpen Your Gardening Tools The Cheap & Easy Way

All you need is a terracotta pot, sand, duct tape and some oil.

  1. Cover up any drainage holes in your terracotta pot
  2. Mix some sand with a little bit of mineral oil
  3. Add it to your pot and firmly pat it down
  4. The oil will lubricate your tools, while the sand sharpens and hides them from the elements
A pot of sand used to sharpen Gardening Tools
Idea & image courtesy of One Good Thing By Jillee

10. Create Longer Lasting Herbs Using The Freezer

Purchasing herbs isn’t cheap. That’s why it’s important not to waste anything grown in your own garden. Simply cut up your herbs and chuck them in an ice tray. Fill the tray with water and store them in your freezer. When you’re ready to use these herbs in a meal, simply throw the entire ice block in. The ice will melt and your herbs will be tasty and fresh.

Freeze Herbs using icecube trays and the freezer
Idea & image courtesy of Our Family World
At Focal Point Landscape Maintenance we’re full of money-saving ideas, expert gardening tips and advice. Call our team of Gold Coast gardeners today on 0431 887 544 if you need a hand with any landscape maintenance or gardening jobs.

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